Welcome to Wonderland

1st post, woohoo! Fashion can be anything you want it to be. Our clothes represent our personalities and interests, our creativity, the way we carry ourselves. Fashion can be a disguise or a window to our truest colors. But most of all, it's just fun and exciting! We could (& have) sit and think about new outfits for hours, what's missing from our wardrobe and how we don't have the endless funds to upkeep this said "Dream Closet". Fashion is an escape from everyday life; a wonderland. So we appropriately named this blog "The Looking Glass" as a reference to Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking Glass (the sequel to Alice in Wonderland).

I'm Sofia (right), a 15-year-old girl from the middle of nowhere, dreaming to get out.

I'm Sydney (left), with the same damn story.

This blog is just a hodgepodge of our favorite looks, random thoughts, DIYs, and whatever else we can think of. Welcome to Wonderland.

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