DIY: Glitter Shoes

Nothing says "New Years Eve Party" like sparkle and shine. Glittering confetti and sparkly streamers are in our midst, as well as girls buying sequined dresses, metallic makeup, and just about everything "new years appropriate" that they can get their hands on. If you aren't one to go all out with head-to-toe sparkle, glittering shoes are a great way to ring in the new year in style.

My all-time favorite (and favorites among fashion forward girls everywhere) glitter shoes are Christian Louboutin Peep-toes and Jeffery Campbell Lita Booties. Unfortunately, many people (namely, me) cannot afford these fabulous shoes: The Louboutins are $600-$700 and the Campbell boots are $160 on

Glittery Louboutins in Oxblood, Silver, and Midnight

Jeffery Campbell Litas in Multi and Pewter

So I'm posting a DIY for all you girls who want these shoes cheap!


A pair of shoes: I chose black peep-toes from Charlotte Russe ($20) for the Louboutins and brown platform oxfords from Forever 21 ($25) for the Jeffery Campbells 

Glitter bond from any craft store: I chose glue from AC Moore for $4, or spray adhesive for $6.
Any color glitter you want, but I recommend black, silver, or multi to make them look authentic, and keep them from looking tacky. You can get glitter from any craft store for about $5
Sealant to keep the glitter in place: I chose sealer from AC Moore for $6

First, take the shoes and either spread glitter glue all over them (except for the bottom side) or spray with adhesive, which is a little more expensive but a lot easier. If you use spray glue, put tape on the bottom side so it doesn't accidentally get glue on it.
Next, lay out some newspaper, or go outside, and shake whatever color glitter you want on the shoes. The color is completely up to you, but  I recommend black, silver, or multi. Put some rolled up plastic bags in the inside so they don't get glitter in them; no matter what you do, glitter does NOT come out of the inside of shoes.

Optional step: If you're making the Louboutin look-alikes, you can spray paint the bottoms red before you start to get the signature Louboutin red-soles.

Make sure the shoes are completely covered and then spray with sealant. The sealant will keep the glitter from falling off, and will keep them waterproof, so give it a healthy coat.

Finally, let them dry and voila! Glitter shoes! They're perfect for new year's eve, and parties in general.

Here's the finished product! Authentic look for a lot less. Here's how much it costs:

Real Campbells: $160                      Real Louboutins: $700
DIY Campbells: $40*                      DIY Louboutins: $35*

*Costs will differ depending on where you get supplies & what shoes you buy.



Time Travel

Hey readers, it's Sydney. As I sit home over break and look out at the snow covered grounds, I can't help but wish for warmer climate & summertime. I was looking over some 2011 Spring/Summer runway photos and noticed a flashback visible in so many collections. I sort of feel like designers do this every year - take great pieces or trends of the past, modernize them, & make it work for the current year. While I'm a sucker for the boho revival, I was waiting for a little more variety. Re-looking at these collections though, I'm finding some great wears that I thought I'd share with you guys.

1970s: Glam Rock
My first thought at the sound of "glam rock" is Kristen Stewart a la The Runaways - hardass and tomboy-esque. The Balmain show took this idea of blazers, acid wash, studs, glitter, & black, and made it very much a more sexy nighttime look with a badass edge. In a practical everyday sense, I'd definitely buy a biker jacket as the signature for this style.

1960s: Mod Woman
Last Year at Marienbad, a 1960's movie said to be one of the most boring ever made, was the inspiration behind Karl Lagerfeld's RTW line for Chanel. The monochrome pallette of the movie was reflected in typical Chanel fashion. In the first few looks, "the new lace" is said to have been discovered - holes. (Yes, I too couldn't imagine such a thing from Chanel, but it works). Suits were revised to an A-line body shape, or kept boxy, but paired with shorts. The fabrics were distressed and of course featured Chanel's classic tweeds. Little known fact, Coco Chanel designed the black lace gowns worn in Marienbad. Lagerfeld revisited this by the end of the show.

1950s: I Was NEVER The Girl Next Door
John Galliano's Dior show opener, the Betty page quote, set the tone of the upcoming collection. With nods at the 40's and 50's, Galliano stayed true to the fun, flirty, sailor-like look of the time. Mini or maxi dresses, red lips, fringed hair, wide leg pants, sheer fabric, espadriles, and high waitlines were all featured in the show. While most of these pieces can be revived from previous wardrobes, add subtle hints of the look by toning down bright primary colors with white or pale yellows. A statement necklace will also complete any unpolished look.

Summer may still be months away, but a girl can dream. In the meantime, stock up that closet with your own renditions of the runway wear. Stay warm, darlings.


Sci-Fi Fashion

Hey you guys, it's Sofia and I'm doing a solo post. So my brother dragged me to Tron Legacy yesterday and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was a bit stubborn about the whole thing, but I'm glad I went. The plotline was a little thin (it was just a lot of riding around on bikes and fighting scenes) but what really impressed me about the movie was the light-up costumes.

Most of the movie was lost on me because I ended up spending the whole time thinking about the futuristic fashions on the 2010/2010 runways.

Gareth Pugh 

The Tron costumes were incredibly similar to Gareth Pugh's 2011 Spring collection, which gave off a cyber-military feel.

Alexander McQueen

When talking about cyber-style, I feel I must mention one of my favorite fashion designers Alexander McQueen! His fashions almost always resemble that of a beautiful martian, and while I of course love his 2011 Spring Collection my personal favorite is his spring collection from last year, where his psychedelic prints and crazy lobster-claw shoes (seen in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video) seemed truly out of this world.

Spring 2010 Iris Van Herpen

Lastly, Iris Van Herpen's 2011 Spring collection takes the cake. Not only do her fashions look sci-fi-stylish, her methods are the future of fashion. Her concept for this collection was the crystallization of water; the fluidity and randomness of water in a solid state. She created beautiful garments out of carefully stretched, cut, and draped leather which ended up looking like something worn by very-chic aliens. As for the collar and jacket that look like they're made out of water? She designed them on the computer, and printed them with a 3D printer onto plexiglass/plastic material. The 26-year-old designer has created a truly beautiful futuristic collection that people cannot stop talking about.

That's all for today, be on the lookout for more futuristic fashions (or maybe even try some out yourself)!  

Love, Sofia

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

With the holidays mere hours away for some, we compiled a few last minute looks for the rest of your festivities & winter weather.

Family Dinner
Tonight & tomorrow bring huge family dinners for lots of us. Staying close to home typically means staying slightly casual. Sweater dresses with messy buns and suede heels are always a favorite. Throw some long necklaces, cuff bangles, drop earrings, and grab a clutch to complete the look. Riding pants, a silk cami, a cute peacoat, black pumps, and slight accesories is an easy go-to outfit to keep you warm yet comfortable. Staying with the family means keeping clothing modest but doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion to do so.

Holiday Party
Holiday cocktail partys have only just begun. With New Years celebrations around the corner, it means a new dress or reviving one from the back of your closet. Long sleeve silk dresses are easy to dress down or up and will keep you cool once in the midst of the party. (Booties look good with just about anything, especially these dresses). For a more elegant look, use your little black dress with a sequined or eye-catching jacket, a cute clutch, and simple shoes. As for your more casual parties, stick to nice form-fitted pants, a silk or sequined top, a fitted jacket, crossbody bag, heels and some jewelry to finish it off. Sequins & glitter are so acceptable this time of the year. Own it.

Night Out on the Town
For a festive girl's night , try some trends that still say "holiday cheer" without having to wear a red or green dress like everybody else. Sequins scream holiday like the tinsel by your mantle, so take a unique approach with sequined shorts or skirts over tights, or maybe a sequined romper. Girls, when wearing tights in cold weather, I recommend wearing them over a pair of nude tights, so it looks like skin but you maintain some warmth! Bows also remind us of holiday (opening presents, hello!) so subtly place them throughout your outfit. Remember to stay warm with a cape, peacoat, or blazer and a nice hat (berets are personal favorites.) Lastly, make sure your outfit isnt to dark or heavy by having at least one pop of bright color, whether its from your tights, jewelry, lipstick, or whatever.

Comfy Cozy
When its cold outside, all you want to do is cuddle up in a big sweater and leggings. A lot of the times I end up going to school like that and feeling like a total slob. But you dont need to sacrifice fashion for the comfy cozy feeling. Try a big sweatshirt or a cable-knit sweater (check the nearest male closet) with a pair of festive patterned leggings or tights. Finish it off with a pair of warm boots or moccasins and a scarf and hat in a complementing color. As for jewelry, keep it light with a single pendent necklace if anything and maybe some stud earrings.

Our holiday wishes go out to you and yours. Hope Santa treats you right.


Welcome to Wonderland

1st post, woohoo! Fashion can be anything you want it to be. Our clothes represent our personalities and interests, our creativity, the way we carry ourselves. Fashion can be a disguise or a window to our truest colors. But most of all, it's just fun and exciting! We could (& have) sit and think about new outfits for hours, what's missing from our wardrobe and how we don't have the endless funds to upkeep this said "Dream Closet". Fashion is an escape from everyday life; a wonderland. So we appropriately named this blog "The Looking Glass" as a reference to Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking Glass (the sequel to Alice in Wonderland).

I'm Sofia (right), a 15-year-old girl from the middle of nowhere, dreaming to get out.

I'm Sydney (left), with the same damn story.

This blog is just a hodgepodge of our favorite looks, random thoughts, DIYs, and whatever else we can think of. Welcome to Wonderland.

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