DIY: Glitter Shoes

Nothing says "New Years Eve Party" like sparkle and shine. Glittering confetti and sparkly streamers are in our midst, as well as girls buying sequined dresses, metallic makeup, and just about everything "new years appropriate" that they can get their hands on. If you aren't one to go all out with head-to-toe sparkle, glittering shoes are a great way to ring in the new year in style.

My all-time favorite (and favorites among fashion forward girls everywhere) glitter shoes are Christian Louboutin Peep-toes and Jeffery Campbell Lita Booties. Unfortunately, many people (namely, me) cannot afford these fabulous shoes: The Louboutins are $600-$700 and the Campbell boots are $160 on

Glittery Louboutins in Oxblood, Silver, and Midnight

Jeffery Campbell Litas in Multi and Pewter

So I'm posting a DIY for all you girls who want these shoes cheap!


A pair of shoes: I chose black peep-toes from Charlotte Russe ($20) for the Louboutins and brown platform oxfords from Forever 21 ($25) for the Jeffery Campbells 

Glitter bond from any craft store: I chose glue from AC Moore for $4, or spray adhesive for $6.
Any color glitter you want, but I recommend black, silver, or multi to make them look authentic, and keep them from looking tacky. You can get glitter from any craft store for about $5
Sealant to keep the glitter in place: I chose sealer from AC Moore for $6

First, take the shoes and either spread glitter glue all over them (except for the bottom side) or spray with adhesive, which is a little more expensive but a lot easier. If you use spray glue, put tape on the bottom side so it doesn't accidentally get glue on it.
Next, lay out some newspaper, or go outside, and shake whatever color glitter you want on the shoes. The color is completely up to you, but  I recommend black, silver, or multi. Put some rolled up plastic bags in the inside so they don't get glitter in them; no matter what you do, glitter does NOT come out of the inside of shoes.

Optional step: If you're making the Louboutin look-alikes, you can spray paint the bottoms red before you start to get the signature Louboutin red-soles.

Make sure the shoes are completely covered and then spray with sealant. The sealant will keep the glitter from falling off, and will keep them waterproof, so give it a healthy coat.

Finally, let them dry and voila! Glitter shoes! They're perfect for new year's eve, and parties in general.

Here's the finished product! Authentic look for a lot less. Here's how much it costs:

Real Campbells: $160                      Real Louboutins: $700
DIY Campbells: $40*                      DIY Louboutins: $35*

*Costs will differ depending on where you get supplies & what shoes you buy.



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