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Hey you guys, it's Sofia and I'm doing a solo post. So my brother dragged me to Tron Legacy yesterday and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was a bit stubborn about the whole thing, but I'm glad I went. The plotline was a little thin (it was just a lot of riding around on bikes and fighting scenes) but what really impressed me about the movie was the light-up costumes.

Most of the movie was lost on me because I ended up spending the whole time thinking about the futuristic fashions on the 2010/2010 runways.

Gareth Pugh 

The Tron costumes were incredibly similar to Gareth Pugh's 2011 Spring collection, which gave off a cyber-military feel.

Alexander McQueen

When talking about cyber-style, I feel I must mention one of my favorite fashion designers Alexander McQueen! His fashions almost always resemble that of a beautiful martian, and while I of course love his 2011 Spring Collection my personal favorite is his spring collection from last year, where his psychedelic prints and crazy lobster-claw shoes (seen in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video) seemed truly out of this world.

Spring 2010 Iris Van Herpen

Lastly, Iris Van Herpen's 2011 Spring collection takes the cake. Not only do her fashions look sci-fi-stylish, her methods are the future of fashion. Her concept for this collection was the crystallization of water; the fluidity and randomness of water in a solid state. She created beautiful garments out of carefully stretched, cut, and draped leather which ended up looking like something worn by very-chic aliens. As for the collar and jacket that look like they're made out of water? She designed them on the computer, and printed them with a 3D printer onto plexiglass/plastic material. The 26-year-old designer has created a truly beautiful futuristic collection that people cannot stop talking about.

That's all for today, be on the lookout for more futuristic fashions (or maybe even try some out yourself)!  

Love, Sofia

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