Time Travel

Hey readers, it's Sydney. As I sit home over break and look out at the snow covered grounds, I can't help but wish for warmer climate & summertime. I was looking over some 2011 Spring/Summer runway photos and noticed a flashback visible in so many collections. I sort of feel like designers do this every year - take great pieces or trends of the past, modernize them, & make it work for the current year. While I'm a sucker for the boho revival, I was waiting for a little more variety. Re-looking at these collections though, I'm finding some great wears that I thought I'd share with you guys.

1970s: Glam Rock
My first thought at the sound of "glam rock" is Kristen Stewart a la The Runaways - hardass and tomboy-esque. The Balmain show took this idea of blazers, acid wash, studs, glitter, & black, and made it very much a more sexy nighttime look with a badass edge. In a practical everyday sense, I'd definitely buy a biker jacket as the signature for this style.

1960s: Mod Woman
Last Year at Marienbad, a 1960's movie said to be one of the most boring ever made, was the inspiration behind Karl Lagerfeld's RTW line for Chanel. The monochrome pallette of the movie was reflected in typical Chanel fashion. In the first few looks, "the new lace" is said to have been discovered - holes. (Yes, I too couldn't imagine such a thing from Chanel, but it works). Suits were revised to an A-line body shape, or kept boxy, but paired with shorts. The fabrics were distressed and of course featured Chanel's classic tweeds. Little known fact, Coco Chanel designed the black lace gowns worn in Marienbad. Lagerfeld revisited this by the end of the show.

1950s: I Was NEVER The Girl Next Door
John Galliano's Dior show opener, the Betty page quote, set the tone of the upcoming collection. With nods at the 40's and 50's, Galliano stayed true to the fun, flirty, sailor-like look of the time. Mini or maxi dresses, red lips, fringed hair, wide leg pants, sheer fabric, espadriles, and high waitlines were all featured in the show. While most of these pieces can be revived from previous wardrobes, add subtle hints of the look by toning down bright primary colors with white or pale yellows. A statement necklace will also complete any unpolished look.

Summer may still be months away, but a girl can dream. In the meantime, stock up that closet with your own renditions of the runway wear. Stay warm, darlings.


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