Trending: Feather Hair Extentions

Feather hair extensions seem to be popping up quite a bit. Originally in the western half of the country, these Ke$ha-inspired hair pieces have made their way to The Dash. Our friend had gone to Texas & gotten one done. After receiving compliments and needing to raise money for a trip, she started doing them at a $10 rate.

I got one done a few weeks ago! Mine is a green feather, a zebra-striped feather, and a green zebra-like feather. Pictures are below. Excuse the horrendous quality, I apologize in advance. For anyone wanting to get one done themselves, you can buy kits online or just buy rooster feathers & jewelry beads. Clamp the feather into your hair using a small jewelry bead at the top. They last for a few weeks or up to a month. For a less permanent look, clip-in feather extensions (upper middle) are available, too.


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