Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, a show on ABC Family based on the book series by Sara Shepard, is premiering season 2 tomorrow night. For the occasion, we thought we'd play a game of dress up and we hope you guys will participate! For each day next week (well, Monday-Thurday) we will dress up like a different character. They all have a different sense of style, so its a fun way to remix our wardrobe. We'll be posting pictures of our finished outfits at the end of the week; if you choose to participate, feel free to email us your own to be shown on the blog! (Send to For those who've never seen the show, we have a quick bit about each character and how they dress... but really if you have time, go on and watch them ASAP! The show is about four best friends (Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily) whose best friend Alison was murdered. A year after her death, the four began receiving anonymous texts from "A" threatening to reveal their darkest secrets. The show is suspenseful, exciting, and full of great fashion since each character has a unique style.

 Hanna Marin

Hanna is definitely the most "girly" of the four friends. Her wardrobe is very feminine and flirty, with lots of fitted tops and high heels. One thing Hannah wore often in season 1 was ruffled-top with shorts or miniskirts (seeing as it's winter, pair those skirts with tights or replace shorts with jeans). Hanna wears all sorts of bags --clutches, totes, shoulder bags, etc.-- but they should be colorful and in no way subtle. She wears long necklaces, dangling earrings, and chunky bracelets. For Hanna's shoes, high heels are a must (lots of wedges in the summer and heeled boots in the winter) but if you dont own any you can replace them with ballet flats.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings in the over-achiever in the group. She is academic, athletic, and tries to be perfect in everything she does. Her look very much reflects this perfect, polished lifestyle. Argyle sweater, plaid skirts, and crisp button downs are completely Spencer's style. Pair simple dresses with menswear blazers and briefcases/messenger bags. As for shoes and jewelry, try oxfords or ballet flats and simple stud earrings with pendant necklaces. Spencer stays polished, so don't go for a "no makeup" look, but nothing crazy either; bronze, browns, and nude colors look best on her.

Emily Fields

Emily is the sporty one in the group, and she definitely dresses for comfort. However, that is not to say she sacrifices style. Emily wears loose-fitted tops (try dolman or raglan sleeves) with jeans or denim skirts. She wears simple, bold colors and is also a fan of stripes. She also wears v-necks with cardigans or sweatshirts. Emily wears athletic-type shoes (you probably wont catch her in heels) like sneakers, converse, or keds. She carries messenger or gym bags, if any, and not a lot of jewelry other than small hoops or studs. Obviously, Emily keeps it simple, so she wears little or no makeup. Concealer, chapstick, and some mascara are probably it.

Aria Montgomery

Aria is the artsy one, and you could describe her style as bohemian with a punk edge. She combines feminine dresses with leather jackets, lace tights, and combat boots. Aria has a lot of statement pieces, which she pairs with jeans or leggings, and funky shoes. To dress like Aria, try fringe or leather boots with a neutral top and colorful sweaters. If you have a lot of clothes from urban outfitters, free people or anthropologie, they would be perfect for Aria's style. As for bags and jewelry, go for messenger bags (especially leather) and big, bright earrings and chain necklaces; Aria is not one to wear simple jewelry.

Ok, now you have the tips... raid your closets for four fabulous outfits! Here's the order for next weeks' dress-up:
Monday: Hannah
Tuesday: Spencer
Wednesday: Emily
Thursday: Aria
Like we mentioned earlier, you can email your pictures to us if you want them to be shown on the blog!

"We're still here bitches, and we know everything." - S&S

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