Aspiring Photographer, Ashland Kittrell

Believe it or not, in our small podunk town, we have a huge arts community. Maybe going to an arts school, we see more of it, but it seems like everyone is somehow immersed. Ashland Kittrell, a nearly 18-year-old aspiring photographer, is no exception to this. 
At a young age, the only child remembers looking through family photos and finding herself enthralled. "I just had such a fascination with pictures and how they worked," Kittrell says. "I think I have just always had a love for pictures themselves and not just taking them." 

The photographer herself, Ashland Kittrell
 With her Nikon D5000, she now enjoys taking candid, fashion, & sports photography, though she doesn't confine herself to set genres. Ashland likes to stick to "natural" people shots, keeping computer manipulation to a minimum, unless she has a certain idea in her head that she just has to achieve.
As for inspiration, Ashland says props are a must. She says that the same prop can be moved & manipulated but will yield completely different results. Dominic Gray, another local photographer, is one of Ashland's favorites but also someone she hopes to collaborate with in the future.
Kittrell also enjoys film & uses her Nikon FG or Canon AE-1 to do so.
With her parents 100% behind her, Ashland hopes to become a photographer for Vogue, "or someone big like that!"

So there you go, art is everywhere and often unexpected.  If you're interested in photography, fashion, design, or really any kind of art, email us your work for the blog! That's all for today... keep your eyes out for more local artists.

                                                                                    Love, S&S

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