Princess Catherine

As Kate Middleton becomes Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate, the rest of the world looks on in envy, wondering how we can become the next married-in member of the royal family (Prnce Harry, anyone?). For the  years she has been in the press as the girlfriend of William, I've always admired Kate's style. She carries herself with this poise and class unlike any other. She reminds me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn with a princess title. Her style is no different from her media image: classy, timeless, and elegant.

In true royal fashion, Kate wears gorgeous hair pieces. Her hats, similar to some of Diana's, tie together many of her looks.

Kate's dresses are to die for. She seems to be found of the designer Issa, a London-based company. I believe the light blue dress on the far right is an Issa piece. Even in "fun" going out pieces, Kate sticks to a classic and simple palette and doesn't over do it with accessories.

Despite her royal title, Kate can still look like the girl she used to be before St. Andrews and a celebrity status. In her street style, Kate is often spotted in riding boots, jeans, a jacket, and a tote in hand.

As much as I hate to admit it, Catherine Middleton is fit to be princess. She's an incredible inspiration, both for her style and her poise. It's safe to say, there is plenty more Kate Middleton to come.

(Sorry for not posting for so long, things have been crazy for the both of us!)


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    Lovely post, I think she is very sophisticated and chic :)!

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